Enth Degree Consulting facilitates the implementation and management of network connectivity from financial institutions and organisations to global financial messaging network, SWIFTNet

Connectivity & Access

In order to use SWIFT’s Messaging Services, customers need to connect to the SWIFT environment. Catering to distinct user needs, Enth Degree Consulting (EDC) offers several distinct means of connecting to the SWIFT environment:

  • directly via EDC permanent leased lines,
  • EDC internet, or
  • EDC Cloud service (Lite2)

Choosing the Right Partner

Enth Degree management has spent many years working with AT&T who is a recommended SWIFT network partner and the largest next-generation communications provider. EDC together with AT&T offers you the best end-to-end SWIFT connectivity service available locally. Based on the selected Alliance Connect option, EDC offer you all required network service components.

SWIFTNet Alliance Connect Packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) are based on the following two components:

  • Enhanced VPN service elements (secure physical transport):
    • Network Port offering international connectivity to the SWIFT VPN
    • Local leased line between your location and the EVPN in-country network node
    • Managed Cisco router at your location
  • Juniper SSG-5 VPN devices (managed and provided by SWIFT): SWIFT provides and maintains the VPN boxes to guarantee security. And, AT&T can carry out the initial VPN Box installation along with the network installation.AT&T offers you an end-to-end SWIFT connectivity service. Based on the selected Alliance Connect option, we offer you all required network service components.

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