Alliance Connect: Bronze, Silver and Gold packages

Enth Degree Consulting’s (EDC) Alliance Connect packages will enable you to connect to SWIFT through different combinations to meet your message traffic and resiliency needs. With a choice of three Alliance Connect products, you can choose the option most suited to your message traffic volumes and required level of resilience.


Alliance Connect Bronze

Intended for customers with up to 1,000 messages per day, Alliance Connect Bronze offers low cost internet connectivity to SWIFT. With 24/7 availability, Alliance Connect Bronze provides a permanent connection to counter parties, service providers and peers. Using Alliance Connect Bronze, you can connect using a single EDC internet service or improve resilience by using a second EDC connection for back-up connectivity. The active/standby is the default operating mode, with all traffic going over the primary connection. The back-up connection is used if the main connection fails. We’ll provide everything you need to set up your secure connection quickly and easily.


Alliance Connect SILVER

Alliance Connect Silver is suitable for customers handling between 1,000 and 40,000 messages per day. Connectivity is offered via an EDC private VPN connection with an EDC internet connection providing a resilient back-up.

Alliance Connect Silver is a flexible solution allowing you to choose your preferred connectivity structure. In our standard set-up, the EDC Network line is used as the primary connection with an EDC internet connection as back-up. With the Alliance Connect Silver Plus option, you can use the EDC internet line as your primary connection and the EDC Network line as a back-up.

  • EDC Dedicated access lines provide guaranteed bandwidths to SWIFT.
  • Costs are significantly reduced by using a local EDC internet connection as the back-up channel.
  • Scalable option offering you the ability to increase bandwidth, depending on your traffic needs.


Alliance Connect GOLD

Alliance Connect Gold is designed for customers handling over 40,000 messages per day. Offering connectivity to SWIFT through two private VPN connections of equal capacity, Alliance Connect Gold offers the highest service level and resiliency of the Alliance Connect products.

  • The two private VPN connections provided to EDC by At&T ensure the connections benefit from state-of-the-art security, guaranteed bandwidths and high service levels.
  • Alliance Connect Gold is a scalable option which offers you the ability to increase bandwidth, depending on your traffic needs.