Swift Connectivity

Our passion at Enth Degree is our Swift client connections and Enth Degree has been in lengthy negotiations with our providers to improve price points on the larger connections into Swift.

The current infrastructure at SAMRAND 2 and River Club are through AT&T and are 256k connections with a 2MB Neotel and 256kbps Telkom last mile providers. Where we can, we will keep existing infrastructure but if it makes sense to change to an alternate provider then we will. AT&T only use Vodafone and Neotel as last mile providers and these installations will be onto the new AT&T AVPN network with the last mile being either E1, fibre or Metro Ethernet. For both these sites we will cancel one AT&T link and upgrade the port to 512kbps and install the Orange connections to replace the 256kbps AT&T connections.

SAMRAND 1 is currently only Orange links and as per the above, we will cancel the Orange connection and install completely new infrastructure for both Orange and AT&T.

The above solutions will need some parallel builds which means until the new services are installed you may have 1 month where you are billed for both the old and the new service. We need to ensure we project manage this correctly to ensure we don’t run over by more than a month.