We know that there are many places in Africa and Southern Africa that fibre hasn’t reached yet and probably won’t for quite some time. This is why Enth Degree can offer you business-speed internet via satellite anywhere in Africa. Enth Degree has faced this very challenge of remote connectivity while dealing with clients like the Banks and EMP’s in Africa for over 14 years.

Besides being a solution for remote connectivity, Enth degree offers VSAT in the following options

  • Redundancy – Network redundancy is a simple concept to understand. If you have a single point of failure and it fails you, then you have nothing to rely on. If you put in a secondary (or tertiary) method of access, then when the main connection goes down, you will have a way to connect to resources and keep the business operational.
  • BackHaul Connectivity – In remote areas, traditional terrestrial backhaul is cost prohibitive making satellite backhaul the only option.

Enth Degree makes high-speed internet possible for business in Africa, no matter where that business is.



  • If you need an immediate requirement then Satellite solution can be deployed rapidly
  • If you’re a bank we make it possible to open fully-linked branches in remote towns.
  • If you’re a mine, we will enable you to operate seamlessly from the middle of nowhere.
  • If you’re in the farming industry we can help you connect your operations from your remotely located land.
  • If you have a beautifully isolated Safari lodge we can help you offer your customers internet connections they’d expect when paying for a luxury getaway.
  • If you are concerned about possible down time then “Two connections are better than one”. We can advise on the best way to connect to resources and keep the business operational.


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