As a solutions provider operating in the data networking arena, Enth Degree provides best-fit solutions from a number of local and global network providers.

Enth Degreeā€™s aim is to provide the best solution at the best price.
Enth Degree is able to offer services from competing suppliers to make this come true.
Enth Degree has been in operation since 2004 and our unique business model has seen our customers get real value from their networks.


Enth Degree facilitates the implementation and management of network connectivity from financial institutions and organizations to the global financial messaging network.

SWIFT for Banks
SWIFT for Securities
SWIFT for Corporates
SWIFT for Bureaus
SWIFT in Africa


As a Vendor neutral service provider, Enth Degree Consulting (Pty) Ltd, provides best-fit network connectivity solutions, offering clients options tailored to their needs and at the best possible price.

Network offerings include Terrestrial links, IP Transit, Fibre, Wireless and VSAT


Working with cloud based applications is the trend in market. Organisations and CIOs are now implementing cloud based solutions for cost savings and consolidation of their environments. Options such as ‘pay-as-you-go’, hybrid cloud and much more. Enth Degree solutions will help you make the move.

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