SWIFT Consulting Services


Enth Degree Consulting (Enth Degree) facilitates the implementation and management of network connectivity from financial institutions and organisations to the global financial messaging network, SWIFTNet.

Connectivity & Access

In order to use SWIFT’s Messaging Services, customers need to connect to the SWIFT environment.
Catering to distinct user needs, Enth Degree offers several distinct means of connecting to the SWIFT environment:

  • directly via permanent leased lines,
  • Internet, or
  • Cloud service

Choosing the Right Partner

Enth Degree offers connectivity via SWIFT’s chosen network carriers, AT&T and Orange. Enth Degree can offer enhanced services via these connections including Internet breakout or inter-branch connectivity.

SWIFT’s messaging services provided through Enth Degree in South Africa, is used and trusted by all the local banks including the JSE and The South African Reserve Bank.