Enth Degree

Management Team

Glen Spear

Although Glen studied chemical engineering at Wits University, it was his interest in technology that saw him opt for the fast paced world of ICT. Glen has over three decades of experience with IBM and AT&T. Starting as a Systems Engineer, Glen quickly moved into management. Glen was the technical manager at IBM Global Networks when AT&T acquired the division in 2000. Glen was appointed by the TELECO giant to head up its Cape Town offices.

Doug Byers

Doug began his working career in the cut-throat world of retail, however the attraction of the Internet economy encouraged him to take on a sales position at IBM Global Network in Cape Town in 1998. In the chaos of the dot.com crash, the business unit was sold to AT&T in 2000, and it was here that Doug met and began working with Glen Spear. Doug’s experience in the ever-changing world of ICT sales along with his intuitive understanding of business has enabled him to play an important role in assisting his clients. Enth Degree prides itself in its ability to ensure that each client gets the best solution for their unique requirements and that their needs are heard, understood and immediately acted on by the global Network Service Providers.

Adrian van Rooyen

Adrian started his career as a cost accountant for Olivetti but soon realised that this was not the field that excited him. Adrian loved the excitement of freelance sales and it was in 1997 that he joined IBM Global Network Services. He thrived in the fast paced world of national and international virtual private network solutions (VPN’s). With AT&T’s acquisition of the IBM Global Network, Adrian was appointed channel manager, where he serviced a number of re-sellers of AT&T services. In 2002, Adrian was tasked with developing services into the financial sector and it was here where Adrian started interacting with Swift and the Banks and played an integral role in the migration of the banks from X.25 to IP based Swift Services. AT&T signed all the major banks onto its network and through Enth Degree still provides connectivity services to its customers today.
In 2013 Adrian included Orange as a service provider to Enth Degree’s customers, and has subsequently included WIOCC, Metro Fibre Networks, Seacom, Teraco and Liquid Telecom as service providers.

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